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Dart Container Corporation

“I chose Wiker for several projects for a number of reasons: competitive pricing, quality of work, overall flexibility and skillset.  Wiker effectively managed crew and equipment to meet construction needs on several aggressive timelines, maintained composure with unforeseen obstacles, and did what it took to meet and or exceed deadlines while maintaining integrity and quality.  Wiker’s talented personnel were very easy to work with, and were able to work seamlessly with supporting contractors and engineers to insure the project was completed correctly.  I would highly recommend Wiker to anyone with excavating and concrete needs, and will certainly use them again on future projects."

Ron Kelly
National Manufacturing Manager

The Wright Group

"The measure of a successful construction project is simple and can be broken down into four categories:  Scope, Schedule, Cost, and Quality.  From the bidding process, through construction and project closeout, HL Wiker never fails to deliver on all.  Their willingness to prepare preliminary budgets and offer suggestions for cost savings is invaluable in the early stages of a project.  In addition, HL Wiker staff pushes the schedule without sacrificing quality, and when an unforeseen circumstance arises, work quickly to develop a cost effective solution."

Brad Midgette

Lancaster General Health

"Doing what's right for the customer is second nature to Wiker's operation. That thoughtful approach and extra care and effort spilled over to interfaces with the public and Lancaster General staff. The existing Cancer Center continued treating patients throughout the construction process and H.L. Wiker ensured access in a safe and courteous manner.
Rigid standard for safety and organization on the site kept Wiker's jobs on track to meet the highest quality standards. Building the ABBCI required and uncluttered, well-organized site, but the ability to recognize when to be creative and go outside their normal operating mode and comfort zone distinguished H.L. Wiker in exceeding expectations.
When H.L. Wiker was on the job, one this we never had to worry about were the basics of safety and permit compliance on the site. I've worked with H. L. Wiker on construction projects for almost 30 years, and meeting the basics of the site work has never been an issue for them; it's what they do that goes above and beyond in meeting and exceeding expectations. Hiring H.L. Wiker was the soundest decision we could have possibly made."
Joseph Donaldson
Strategic Implementation Engineer

“The Cancer Institute structure was a very complex building. In addition to the complexity of the structure was the tie-in to the existing structure. With rock removal and existing foundation and grade beam removal, vibration of the adjacent structure was a huge concern. The existing radiation treatment services were ongoing in the existing adjacent cancer center, much of which rely on precise imaging equipment. H. L. Wiker was willing to adjust their schedule on literally minutes’ notice to accommodate the request of the hospital staff. Schedule was maintained by introducing longer work days and additional equipment at no additional cost to the project.

In the center of the state of the art facility is a Healing Garden, which was once home to the main entrance of the existing facility. Construction the foundations and backfill was a challenge, all while maintaining an exit strategy for excavation equipment. Coupled with this were the unique details of working around large caliper trees that were required to be planted prior to the erecting of the structure due to their size and weight, integration of a 10,000 gallon underground cistern for rain water collection, a dry river bed for collection of rooftop rain water, construction of an elliptical water feature and preparation for an elaborate display of landscaping. H. L. Wiker was a driving force for making the logistics of this area a reality.”

Steve Conway
Project Executive

 “Your company just completed a garage demolition and parking lot construction project at our property in the city. I just wanted to let you know how well the Wiker team performed on our project. From Keith Pinker finding an affordable dump solution for our debris, his patience while I went through the approval phases and setting the project in place, to Dennis Metz’s and Kevin Eshleman’s efficient and professional project management, Wiker performed admirably. Although this was a small project for Wiker, it was a huge undertaking for us. Keith, Dennis and Kevin made us feel comfortable and confident throughout. I’m proud of the final product and very pleased with the construction process. You have three great team members in Keith, Dennis, and Kevin!”

Scott Scheffey

 "Truthfully, I cannot say enough about Keith Pinker and his team at H.L. Wiker ....Reliability, unquestionable integrity, and a do-whatever-it-takes mentality....We can count on them to deliver on every project with work done on-time, on-budget while meeting contract requirements in both scope and quality....Customer satisfaction as well as service."

Kevin Glah
Director of Facility Operations

 "We've been working with H.L. Wiker since 2001. We are a customer service, and customer satisfaction driven company. H.L. Wiker adheres to these same values, where customer service, and customer satisfaction, is the priority. It is a pleasure to work with a company that is committed to these same values."

Dennis Byers
VP of Operations