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Mountain View

project details

Morgantown, Berks and Chester County, Pennsylvania

Edward B. Walsh & Associates, Inc.

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The Mountain View project consisted of the complete sitework preparation for a residential development located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. The scope of this project involved developing 129 acres into 93 residential home sites. The site work portion of this project included over 25 acres of clearing, stripping over 21,000 cubic yards of topsoil and 150,000 cubic yards of bulk cut to fill. Finish work included grading over 50 acres, 14,000 linear feet of curbing and 18,000 square yards of paving. The utility work on this project was also extensive. The sanitary system included 7,700 linear feet of pipe and 29 manholes. The storm water management plan involved 8,700 linear feet of pipe, 92 structures and the construction of two retention basins. Other utility work included 7,800 linear feet of water line and 2,700 linear feet for individual lot services.  The project’s site was unique as it was located on the north side of a mountain. There is an elevation change of 180 feet from the front to the back of the development. This elevation change caused steep slopes and several elevation changes between the lots. Our earth moving crew showed their expertise as they executed this substantial project. Our customer was extremely satisfied with the quality of our work as well as the job progression. Our crews take great pride in keeping the project site neat and organized throughout our work. This was difficult with the unique layout of this particular site; however our crews were able to keep this site looking good as the project moved toward completion.  Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.L. Wiker, Inc. is an industry leader in providing comprehensive site preparation services, utility construction, and site design consulting. Our extensive experience, broad expertise, and problem-solving abilities make us a quality partner for your next project.

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