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Estee Lauder at Keystone Industrial Park

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Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Showalter & Associates

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This project involved the complete site preparation of 15 acres for a new 242,000 square foot warehouse facility within an existing industrial park. The earthwork portion of this project involved 26,000 yards of bulk cut to fill. The storm water management plan required the installation of over 3,600 linear feet of pipe and 22 structures. The water and sanitary sewer systems required 2,400 linear feet of pipe. Our scope also included 3,700 square feet of sidewalk, 6,000 linear feet of curbing and 34,000 square feet of concrete truck dock pads. The site was finished off with 21,000 square yards of asphalt paving for the access drives and parking areas.  Our work on this project began in late January with stripping the topsoil and shaping the building pad. As this project began in the middle of winter, site conditions presented several challenges. Two to three feet of mud, standing water, freezing temperatures and various amounts and types of precipitation made meeting the building pad deadline difficult to achieve. Working long hours in less than favorable weather, our site crew executed this project with skill and precision, and met this critical deadline. Other challenges on this site included unsuitable soil conditions and excess amounts of rain as the project progressed. Despite these challenges, our team executed this project with efficiency and quality.  Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.L. Wiker, Inc. is an industry leader in providing comprehensive site preparation services, utility construction, and site design consulting. Our extensive experience, broad expertise, and unique problem-solving abilities make us a quality partner for your next project.

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