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“I chose Wiker for several projects for a number of reasons: competitive pricing, quality of work, overall flexibility and skillset.  Wiker effectively managed crew and equipment to meet construction needs on several aggressive timelines, maintained composure with unforeseen obstacles, and did what it took to meet and or exceed deadlines while maintaining integrity and quality.  Wiker’s talented personnel were very easy to work with, and were able to work seamlessly with supporting contractors and engineers to insure the project was completed correctly.  I would highly recommend Wiker to anyone with excavating and concrete needs, and will certainly use them again on future projects."

Ron Kelly
National Manufacturing Manager
Dart Container Corporation

Dart Container Corporation

project details

Leola, Lancaster County, PA

Ron Kelly - Dart Container Corporation

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Dart Container Corporation expanded their production facility with a new manufacturing process that required a concrete grinder pit.  The project is located at the Dart Container Production Facility located along New Holland Pike in Lancaster County.

Our scope of work for the project included the installation of a cast in place concrete grinder pit that was 170’ x 15’ x 10’ in depth.  The existing concrete floor in the production facility had to be sawcut and removed.  H.L. Wiker, Inc. provided a steel “I” beam shoring system to support the structural integrity of the facility during construction.  Bulk excavation for the new pit was completed, which involved exporting material and bulk rock out of the existing facility using triaxle trucks. We formed and poured a 14 inch thick concrete floor and 12 inch thick walls for the new pit.  Both the floor and the surrounding walls were reinforced with double rebar mats.  A concrete deck was necessary for the pit so H.L. Wiker, Inc. installed steel “I” beams in the wall pockets for structural support of the deck.  Once supported, we formed and poured a 6 inch thick deck over the pit to match the existing floor of the production facility.  An opening was installed with a steel access ladder.  Lastly, we backfilled the exterior of the new pit as well as prepped and poured the production facility floor back in place. 

Throughout the entire construction project, Dart Container had to remain as an operating production facility.  As they always do, H.L. Wiker, Inc. had to coordinate their work accordingly and be very sensitive and mindful as to not interrupt productivity for the active facility.

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.L. Wiker, Inc. is an industry leader in providing comprehensive site preparation services, utility construction, and site design consulting.  Our extensive experience, broad expertise and problem-solving abilities make us a quality partner for your next project.

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