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Building 15 Loading Dock Improvements

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Lancaster, PA

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Our scope included the demolition and disposal of an existing concrete ramp and pads to make way for a new and improved loading dock area. A concrete wall was constructed along side the new dock area. We backfilled, placed stone, and fine graded the new concrete approach apron. With the preparation work complete, the new concrete apron was formed and poured.  Restoration work included patch paving areas surrounding the new loading dock. Because of the excellent customer service provided by our special projects team, we are pleased that Burle has become a valued repeat customer.  Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.L. Wiker, Inc. is an industry leader in providing comprehensive site preparation services, utility construction and site design consulting. Our special projects team focuses on residential and small commercial projects and brings our large project experience, resources, and creativity to a wide variety of projects at a competitive price. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you on your next project.

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