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"Doing what's right for the customer is second nature to Wiker's operation. That thoughtful approach and extra care and effort spilled over to interfaces with the public and Lancaster General staff. The existing Cancer Center continued treating patients throughout the construction process and H.L. Wiker ensured access in a safe and courteous manner.
Rigid standard for safety and organization on the site kept Wiker's jobs on track to meet the highest quality standards. Building the ABBCI required and uncluttered, well-organized site, but the ability to recognize when to be creative and go outside their normal operating mode and comfort zone distinguished H.L. Wiker in exceeding expectations.
When H.L. Wiker was on the job, one this we never had to worry about were the basics of safety and permit compliance on the site. I've worked with H. L. Wiker on construction projects for almost 30 years, and meeting the basics of the site work has never been an issue for them; it's what they do that goes above and beyond in meeting and exceeding expectations. Hiring H.L. Wiker was the soundest decision we could have possibly made."

Joseph Donaldson
Strategic Implementation Engineer
Lancaster General Health

Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute at LGH Hospital

project details

Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.

Because of continued growth, Lancaster General Health (LGH) expanded their cancer treatment services by building a brand new, state of the art cancer institute.  The project is located at the LGH Suburban Outpatient Facility located along Spring Valley Road in Lancaster County.

Earthwork for this project consisted of 23,000 cubic yards of bulk cut to fill and 5,000 cubic yards of export fill over all three phase of the project.  A new water system included 1,100 lineal feet of ductile iron pipe for both domestic and fire service to the new building.  The new sanitary sewer was constructed with 1,000 lineal feet of SDR-35 and 10 precast concrete manholes.  The storm water system included 2,500 lineal feet of HDPE pipe along with 60 precast concrete structures and 31 nyloplast yard drains.  A 10,000 gallon cistern tank for recycled rain water along with a vortex filtration system was installed so recycled rain water can used for irrigation.

The use of our advanced global-positioning system (GPS) technology allowed us to grade over 300,000 square feet of walkways, driveways, and parking lot in a timely manner.  Through the use of GPS, grading was performed without the need for grade stakes and constant surveying.  Our dedicated and skilled employees were instrumental in making this project a huge success for both our customer and our company.

H.L. Wiker, Inc. is proud they were able to provide their services and expertise for the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute.

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.L. Wiker, Inc. is an industry leader in providing comprehensive site preparation services, utility construction, and site design consulting.  Our extensive experience, broad expertise and problem-solving abilities make us a quality partner for your next project.

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