DHL Warehouse Facility

The DHL Warehouse Project consisted of complete site preparation of 65 acres for a 325,000 square foot distribution facility. The site also included extensive parking areas for both passenger vehicles and trailers. Due to the size and complexity of the building, the general contractor was anxious to have the building pad ready so that the building construction could begin. Our site work team met this challenge and was able to have the building pad ready for use within six weeks of mobilization.  The earthwork for this project included stripping over 84,000 cubic yards of topsoil and over 150,000 cubic yards of bulk cut to fill. The utility work for this project was also extensive. The storm water management system consists of over 12,000 linear feet of pipe, 60 structures and the construction of two retention basins. The water and sanitary systems required almost 7,000 linear feet of piping and 4 manholes. The site was topped off with 14,000 linear feet of curbing and 121,000 square yards of paving.  The use of our advanced global-positioning system (GPS) technology allowed us to proceed with this project in a timely fashion. Much of the grading was done without the need for grade stakes and constant surveying. Our dedicated and skilled employees were also instrumental in making this project a huge success for both our customer and our company.  Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.L. Wiker, Inc. is an industry leader in providing comprehensive site preparation services, utility construction, and site design consulting. Our extensive experience, broad expertise, and unique problem-solving abilities make us a quality partner for your next project.


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Breinigsville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

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